Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Email and Social Networking Accounts are Available at Cheap Price

Selling all the accounts (PVA's & Non-pva's) at very reasonable price....

I have stock of below mentioned accounts almost every time...
Hence you can place your orders without any hesitation...

1- Craigslist PVA's (Hotmail & Gmail)
2- Pinterest & Tagged Accounts
3- Youtube PVA's & Non-pva's
4- Myspace with & without profile pic, first name - last name and date of birth
5- Twitter with picture, location and custom background
6- Gmail PVA & Non-pva's
7- Hotmail Verified & Non-verified (Forwarding to one hotmail id is also available)
8- Yahoo
9- GMX
10- AOL

And all other accounts we create on demand...

Contact Details:

For instant messaging add me on one of the below mentioned IM's...

Skype : mabidali
YIM : meabidali_06
AIM : expertinall99
Gtalk : mabidali.07

OR drop me a mail here :

Will respond you shortly after that...
I appear online most of the time, almost 18 hour a day.. :)